XRD Node Runners

Robust Radix Validator Node

Welcome to XRD Node Runners

Stake your Radix (XRD) cryptocurrencies securely on-chain with a robust infrastructure, unrivalled transparency, and round-the-clock availability for the Radix network.


Why Choose Our Radix Validation Node?

Start earning XRD by staking with robust infrastructure, high availability and lower fees.

  • Experience Over a decade of professional full stack software development and sysadmin experience.
  • Maintenance 24 hour monitoring and instant inconsistency / issue detection alerts to ensure maximum node availability.
  • Investment Earnings will be reinvested into continually ensuring optimal node service, developing tools for the delegators and the Radix community.
  • Infrastructure Our nodes run on robust, protected servers, in multi-regions and with configurations far superior to those recommended by Radix foundation.
  • High Availability Over a decade of experience running large scale production infrastructure with more than 99.99% uptime.
  • Maximized Rewards Low 0.5% fee is less than half the average for current stakeable validators. A 0% fee promotion is running until the end of November 2023.

Start Earning XRD Rewards Today!

Stake using the Radix Desktop Wallet with the XRD Node Runners validator address below.


What is Radix Staking?

300 million XRD are generated by the protocol every year and shared amongst those that stake.

Staking is a process that allows cryptocurrency holders to participate in the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism of a blockchain network and earn rewards for validating transactions.

Staking provides a critical function for the Radix network. The greater the value staked, the more secure the network is.

To help ensure network security, 300m RADIX (XRD) are generated by the protocol every year and shared amongst those that stake.

The first version of the Radix Mainnet, Olympia, is secured using delegated proof of stake - this makes staking super easy. Transfer your XRD to your Radix wallet, choose the XRD Node Runners validator to stake to and start earning staking rewards today.

* Delegating XRD tokens to a validator node does not mean you give up ownership or control over your tokens. Instead, you lock your tokens in your wallet to receive rewards through the validator node.

Learn how to stake XRD

How to Stake Radix and Eearn Tokens?

Learn how to stake Radix (XRD) tokens and start earning XRD rewards today.